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Abeja Hummel

A therapeutic bodyworker, yogini, sportswoman, and lifelong student of human anatomy, Abeja Hummel graduated from William and Mary's premed program with honors. She thought she knew a lot about how the musculo-skeletal system worked until she came into contact with Esther Gokhale's inspired, logical, and unique ideas.  Having extensively traveled in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East (and spending a lifetime in a body!) she immediately saw the inherent wisdom in the Gokhale Method. 

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Boonville, CA


Alejandro Macias

After moving to the USA from Spain and while attending college, Alejandro developed chronic and debilitating back-pain. After many years searching for a solution, he found the Gokhale Method, which offered him immediate relief.

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Ann Arbor, MI

Amy Smith

Amy was determined to ensure a successful spinal fusion after years of debilitating back and leg pain. She fell in love with her new posture and decided to embark on teacher training to hardwire the Gokhale Method. 

Combining her nursing skills with the Gokhale Method allows her to touch people and improve health. As a nurse, Amy appreciates the accuracy of the anatomy, physiology, and multi-modal approach to posture, pain relief, and fitness. Her background includes a BSN in nursing and a JD in law. She is licensed in California as a registered nurse and an attorney.

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Moraga, CA

Aurelia Vaicekauskas

Aurelia Vaicekauskas is a practicing massage therapist and Ortho-Bionomy® Associate in Chicago. Her search for ways to help clients maintain good health and retain the benefits of therapeutic work led her to the Gokhale Method. Logical, simple, and effective, the Gokhale Method deeply resonates with Aurelia’s belief in the importance of creating and supporting a harmonious and safe environment in one’s body so that new injuries are avoided and old injuries can heal.

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Chicago, IL

Barbara Berkeley, D.C.

Dr. Barbara Berkeley is a chiropractor who has maintained her practice in San Francisco for more than twenty years. She has studied Active Release Technique, chiropractic neurology, visceral manipulation and other techniques. She is excited to teach the Gokhale Method to her clients because it gives them a new way to stop slouching and learn to stand, bend, sit and walk correctly without being nagged. Barbara is inspired by the way small postural and habit changes can enhance personal kinesthetic awareness and vastly improve quality of life.

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San Francisco, CA

Cecily Frederick

Cecily Frederick is an experienced yoga teacher and practitioner who began teaching therapeutic yoga in 2002 in Madison, WI. After struggling for several years with her own low back pain, Cecily was deeply inspired by the Gokhale Method. “Whether you’re looking to resolve or prevent future back pain- I recommend everyone take this course,” she says.

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Madison, WI

Charlene Hannibal

Charlene was born in Portland, Oregon, where from an early age she trained rigorously in ballet and classical piano. She spent 12 years as a professional dancer in Portland and the Bay Area and holds a degree in English from UC Berkeley. Charlene became a certified yoga instructor in 2001, and has been passionately teaching dance and yoga to people of all ages ever since.

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Cheri Boeckmann, P.T.

Cheri Boeckmann is a Gokhale Method Foundations instructor offering classes in Lovingston, Virginia as well as other East coast locations. After teaching physical education in Australia, she traveled through Southeast Asia, India and Nepal, observing the movements and postures of traditional cultures. A physical therapist for 25 years, she presently owns a small private practice in central Virginia.

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Lovingston Physical Therapy,
8445 Thomas Nelson Hwy,
Lovingston, VA 22949 

Cindy Nicholson

Cindy Nicholson is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and has always been interested in understanding the fundamentals of human movement.  Cindy was drawn to the Gokhale Method as it focuses on the root cause of back pain: poor posture.  As a former Phys-Ed teacher and corporate trainer, Cindy has always enjoyed helping others learn, grow and make positive changes in their lives.   When Cindy discovered the extraordinary impact that the Gokhale Method had on her own back pain, she was keen to help others realize the same and became a Gokhale Method Instructor.

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Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Clare Chapman

Clare lives in central Bristol, England, and has been interested in causes and solutions to back pain since first experiencing it herself in her early twenties. Having practiced and taught therapeutic yoga for over sixteen years, she recognized the innate wisdom and logic of the Gokhale Method® when a student showed her a copy of '8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back. With a professional background in education, Clare particularly values the Gokhale Method as a practical, educational intervention that is learned and integrated with every day activity.

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Bristol, United Kingdom
+44 07982 231317


Cynthia Rose, L.Ac.

As a practitioner in the alternative healthcare field for over 20 years, Cynthia has been committed to offering her patients a pain free, efficient path to wellness. As an acupuncturist and a Bowen Therapist she has observed, over the years, that chronic conditions and injuries were often the result of poor body mechanics. Instinctively, she knew there was something fundamental at the base of good health and freedom from pain that should be part of the way we use our body every single day. She herself has scoliosis and has had pain issues on and off for most of her adult life.

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New York, NY

Deb Voisin

Deb Voisin has been passionate about aligned and healthy movement for over 30 years. She has studied, taught, and performed various movement forms including West African Dance, Martial Arts, Contact Improv, Afro-Haitian Dance, Body-Mind Centering, Improv Theater, and several different forms of Yoga. She also has 20 years of experience in the technology industry making products, services, and instructions easier for millions of people to use and understand. She studied architectural engineering at the University of Kansas.

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Santa Cruz, CA

Deepa Jain

Deepa is a dance teacher and performer, focused on Middle Eastern dance and Kathak, a North Indian classical form. As someone intrigued by the intricate movement patterns involved in dance, she is grateful to have found the simplicity and comfort that natural posture allows for her body. Along with dance education, Deepa has a professional background as a financial marketing analyst. She had experienced disruptive pain while sitting for many hours a day, through long meetings and in front of a computer.

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New York, NY

Diana Moll, L.Ac.

Diana Moll has been a licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist since 1999. Her search for ways to assist the body in being a pleasant place to live brought her to the Gokhale Method. She was immediately enchanted; form, function and esthetics combined to produce healing and enhanced health. Her formal education includes a BA in Art from University of California Santa Cruz and MA in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. She has a black belt in Tai Chi Chuan and teaches the hand set and sword set. She lives in Santa Cruz, California. 

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Santa Cruz, CA

Dina Wittfoth

Dina chose to become a Gokhale Method teacher after experiencing the profound positive effects it had on how she moved and felt inside her own body. Her own journey towards a healthier posture began at the age of 3 when she chose Ballet as a means to keep her scoliosis in check. Despite a strong background in dance, yoga and fitness, she suffered from chronic back pain and foot pain for most of her adult life. During both her pregnancies a sciatic nerve impingement left her unable to walk on most evenings. Having come across the newly published German edition of ‘8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back’ she enrolled in the Gokhale Method Foundations Course four weeks before her second child was born. Ever since then, she is pain-free despite being back at her desk and working sedentary as a neuroscientist for many hours a day.

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Hannover, Germany

Doreen Giles

Since 1996, Doreen has been an acupuncturist and NeuroModulation practitioner, helping people improve their health and quality of life. The Gokhale Method immediately captivated her.  "It's such a simple, practical way to help us feel at home again in our bodies," she says. "Instead of ignoring the body until it starts to hurt, now we can relearn our natural posture and stay active for years to come, preventing pain and injury."

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Madison, WI

Elizabeth Vines

Elizabeth has been studying the body for several years as both an artist and a massage therapist. Her eye for grace in the human form is what first attracted her to the Gokhale Method. Though her interest in the method was initially aesthetic and intellectual, the class proved to be hugely useful in many areas of her life. When Elizabeth began to learn the method, she was starting to work as a massage therapist and struggling to find the stamina to do enough massages to support herself.

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Santa Cruz, CA

Esther Gokhale, L.Ac.

Esther Gokhale (Go-clay) has been involved in integrative therapies all her life. As a young girl growing up in India, she helped her mother, a nurse, treat abandoned babies waiting to be adopted. This early interest in healing led her to study biochemistry at Harvard and Princeton and, later, acupuncture at the San Francisco School of Oriental Medicine. After experiencing crippling back pain during her first pregnancy and unsuccessful back surgery, Gokhale began her lifelong crusade to vanquish back pain. Her studies at the Aplomb® Institute in Paris and years of research in Brazil, India, Portugal and elsewhere led her to develop the Gokhale Method, a unique, systematic approach to help people find their bodies’ way back to pain-free living.

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Esther Pohl

Esther Pohl came to the Gokhale Method after years of back pain and a disc herniation after the birth of her child. Left feeling powerless by academic medicine, she became highly motivated to cultivate her own posture and form an entirely new sense of kinesthesia through the Gokhale Method.

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Tappenbeck, Germany
+49 176-22345383


Faye Alexandrakis

Faye Alexandrakis has always been fascinated and inspired by the complexity of the human body. Her keen interest in movement and posture led her to become a Chiropractor in 2003 and the Gokhale Method was a natural progression of her passion to help her patients gain a personal kinesthetic awareness and to move pain- free, with poise and ease, the way their bodies were designed to function. The variety of effects her students experience when she helps them free their body structure from patterns of holding that are no longer useful continue to amaze her.

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Palo Alto, CA

Janine Farzin

Janine Farzin stumbled upon the Gokhale Method after experiencing extreme back pain in 2009 with the birth of her first child. She has a background in engineering and works as a transportation planner, having studied at UC Berkeley and MIT. The methods presented in the course were logical, empowering, and most importantly, effective for her. The images and patterns of movement resonated with her as well.

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Chicago, IL
(312) 285-0208

Janine Watson

Janine has long been passionate about healthy movement, anatomy, and structure from teaching Pilates, practicing yoga, running, and open-water rowing.  And yet, "I was very concerned at my slumping shoulders and forward head, plus the beginnings of the dreaded dowager’s hump. During the Foundations Course, I began to understand posture as an expression of both body and mind and learn how to make changes in sitting, standing, sleeping, bending and walking.

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San Francisco, CA

John Carter

 John is an experienced yoga teacher and practitioner, with a scientific background in psychology and IT. After 20 years of chronic, seemingly intractable back pain, he discovered the Gokhale Method and travelled to India to observe the Primal Posture of local, working people – the founding principle of the method. 

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Bristol, United Kingdom
Within the UK: 
0772 40 96 247
+44 772 40 96 247

Josefina Kutscher

Josefina has always been motivated to maintain a healthy body to go with her sports and outdoor activities. During her childhood and teen years, she was a key member of the Chilean gymnastic team. Later, she became a prominent athlete. Her passion for sports motivated her to study physical therapy and to help other people practice their sport and daily activities without injuries or pain.

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Santiago, Chile

Kathleen Marie

Kathleen Marie believes in natural healing methods that tap into the core of an issue. Her lifelong interest in health and wellness led her to be an LPN in her youth. Perhaps because of her Native American heritage, the primal underpinnings of the Gokhale Method resonated strongly with Kathleen. She began studying the Gokhale Method and became an instructor in 2011. Working directly under Esther, Kathleen traveled across the United States offering foundations courses from 2011 - 2012. From 2012 – 2013, she was the lead teacher in the Palo Alto Gokhale Wellness Center.

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Corvallis, OR, Gainesville, FL
Travels to various locations in Florida (winter months) and in Oregon (summer months)

Kathy Robinson

Kathy is a fitness professional teaching group classes and one-on-one clients. For over 16 years she has specialized in senior adults, balance and posture. Kathy’s love of teaching fitness began while living in Europe and seeing first-hand the difference that good health and well-being makes in quality of life. To be the best instructor she can be, Kathy has spent years studying the body, movement, posture and biomechanics.

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Richmond, VA

Kerri Robinson

Kerri practices massage therapy with a focus on healing injuries and alleviating chronic pain.  Although her clients experience relief, she has always felt that postural improvement was key to addressing the root of their problems.  It wasn't until she found the Gokhale Method that she truly understood primal posture.  After applying it in her own life, Kerri feels better than she did in her 20's and expects to significantly prolong her massage career.  Kerri is very excited to share this technique with her students and to empower them to reduce or eliminate their own pain, improving their quality of life.

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Everett, WA


Lauren Heydt

Lauren Heydt lives in Delaware, where she earned a Master’s degree in Education. At a young age she began an active life studying dance and was fortunate to extensively pursue various types of dance along the East coast. She is well disciplined in ballet and believes this has contributed to her beautiful posture and her strong regard for the importance of body alignment. Lauren has also been a fitness instructor and dance teacher for students of all ages, so she evolved a natural understanding of people’s particular needs as they grow and age.

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Wilmington, DE, Baltimore, MD, and
Washington D.C.

Linda Huntting Congdon

Linda has been a massage therapist and wellness instructor for 25 years.  She discovered the Gokhale Method through a recommendation from her doctor in hopes of relieving persistent back pain - with stunning results.  After using and teaching so many self-care techniques over the years, she now believes poor posture to be the root of so many muscular-skeletal problems experienced by herself and her clients including back pain, neck pain, and joint issues.  

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West Hartford, CT
(860) 670-7683

Lori Szalay

Lori has been teaching and empowering people as a certified group fitness instructor/trainer/coach for 20+ years in the Atlanta area.  She holds a bachelor degree in Mass Communications from the University of West Georgia.   

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Atlanta, GA

Margaret Haight

Margaret Haight began studying Yoga in 1989 and has been practicing and teaching Yoga ever since. A native New Yorker, Margaret grew up in Manhattan studying art. A visiting friend from San Francisco adventitiously mentioned the Gokhale Method. Margaret recognized it as a wonderful shortcut to good posture, wholly beneficial and accessible. Margaret has always been especially interested in posture, continually correcting her Yoga students, her family's posture and her own as well. Within her Yoga practice the action of anteversion was imperative for easeful backbends.

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New York, NY

Mati Messager

Mati trained as a runner and a gymnast in her teens and then as a massage therapist. In India, she explored meditation and a variety of healing approaches. Trained and certified as a Yin Yoga teacher, she came to realize that even the gentlest forms of yoga could hurt the back – hers and others! Personally motivated, she read “8 Steps to a Pain Free Back,” and quickly knew that this work was her calling. Mati is noted for giving her full undivided attention to her students, making a noticeable difference in how much is retained. And also for her warmth and sense of humour. She’s pleased to offer the Gokhale Method in Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna, Canada.

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Edmonton, AB Canada
(587) 937-1730

Maya White, MD

Maya White, MD, is the oldest child of Esther Gokhale. She has been exposed to informal posture training for much of her life. Her formal training in the Gokhale Method began in 2004. She earned a Biomechanical engineering degree at Stanford University in 2008. After serving as the head Gokhale Method teacher at the Palo Alto Center for a year, Maya studied medicine at Duke Medical School and epidemiology at Stanford. Maya is an avid athlete, and has played Ultimate frisbee and rugby at the national level. She will begin an internal medicine residency at Vanderbilt in July 2015.

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Nashville, TN

Mex Chong

Mex chose to teach the Gokhale Method because its techniques and teachings completely liberated him of his chronic lower back pain.

Mex had led an active life being in the military. Several years ago, he felt increasingly trapped by persistent pain in his lower back. He tried numerous methods of pain relief and exercise regimes to no avail. It all changed when he found the Gokhale Method while on sabbatical in Northern California. He has since returned to an active life and enjoys an improved sense of well-being.

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Michael Spatuzzi

Always curious about natural healing practices, Michael began studying Oriental Medicine in 1978 and graduated from the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine becoming a licensed Acupuncturist in New Mexico in 1982 and in California in 1989. His training in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is complemented by his extensive training and experience in Deep Structural Bodywork, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Western and Chinese Herbology, Naturopathic practices and much more.

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San Diego, CA

Michelle Ball

Michelle lives in Tasmania, Australia. She has always had a passion for sports, running, keeping fit, and learning how to stay healthy and uninjured. Having taught dance aerobics and studied physiology and movement, she used what was considered the safest techniques available at the time. However, after discovering the Gokhale Method through "8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back," she realized there was a better way to position and move the body.  Incorporating primal posture and alignment makes all the difference to the way she views healthy movement and posture today.

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Tasmania, Australia

Mira Stijak

Mira Stijak is a physiotherapist who has been working in Rome for many years. She graduated in Zagreb, Croatia and then moved to Italy where her title was officially recognized. She has studied several formal reeducation techniques of the column as well as a number of rehabilitation techniques, both in the neurologic and the orthopedic sectors. Her long-lasting fascination for the functionality and complexity of the human body and for the workings of the musculoskeletal system in particular, has led her to find a logical and intelligent way to help relieve back pain of many people suffering from issues deriving from the spine in the Gokhale Method.

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Rome, Italy


Monisha White

Monisha White’s passion in wellness began with athletics and primal nutrition. As Esther Gokhale’s youngest daughter, Monisha has been fortunate to grow up with her posture intact. She is a national and world champion ultimate frisbee player; she feels that her understanding of posture and body mechanics have contributed tremendously to her athletic accomplishments. Monisha is currently a student at Stanford University getting a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

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Palo Alto, CA

Natasha Dedrick

Natasha discovered the Gokhale Method while searching for a way to teach her massage clients how to use their bodies in healthier ways. She was looking for something that would prevent recurring aches and unnecessary injuries, as well as help get to the root of existing conditions. She loves that the Gokhale Method empowers students with body wisdom and trains them to move about the world in ways that will serve them every day for the rest of their lives. She feels blessed to be able to share this knowledge and experience with students.

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San Francisco, CA

Norm Brekke

Norm is a Gokhale Method Foundations teacher offering classes in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. He also has a passion for massage therapy, nutrition, and for integrating other holistic approaches into his wellness practice. Norm became a certified massage therapist in 2009 after an extended career that included time in the military and in sales/sales management. His personal growth and experiences have been truly transformative in his personal life, and those of his family and clients.

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Minneapolis, MN


Patricia French

As an avid yoga enthusiast, Patricia began teaching yoga classes with a strong emphasis on healthy posture and spinal health. In an on-going quest to find a technique that was manageable for all her yoga students, she discovered the Gokhale Method, which is a fine balance of anatomy, movement and primal posture. Patricia holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. She also studied Massage Therapy and was certified as a Diplomat of Acupuncture in a three year program at the New England School of Acupuncture in Boston.

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Boston, The Bahamas,
Canada, and the EU

Paul Parsons

In 1996, Paul opened Sportbodywork on Maui, in Hawaii. He had always specialized in giving people back their mobility and their lives. Over the years, Paul perfected and incorporated many techniques to help turn people’s lives around. Though his record in helping people was excellent, Paul kept searching for the perfect system to relieve his clients from pain.

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Kihei, HI

Quigley Raleigh, M.Ac., L.Ac.

As an acupuncturist in practice since 2000, Quigley has worked with many people to alleviate their pain and increase wellness. Her approach recognizes self care as the foundation of optimal health and personal harmony.   Having had her own history of low back pain, Quigley discovered the Gokhale Method to be a wonderful tool that restores the physical strength and structural grace we are born to possess. The new-found sense of freedom that comes from being without pain, and the confidence that comes from knowing how to use the body properly to prevent further pain, are of inestimable value.

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Boston, MA

Roberta Cooks, M.D.

Roberta trained as a physician at New York University School of Medicine and has spent much of her medical career educating the public on health and medicine by designing interactive museum exhibits on subjects ranging from the micro-world of cells to human development, aging, women’s health and the brain.

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Philadelphia, PA and
New York, NY

Robyn Penwell

Robyn Penwell, M.S. teaches Fitness & Wellness classes in the Kinesiology departments at Sacramento State University and American River College in Sacramento, California. Her proficiencies include Tennis, Yoga, Core Training, Stretching, Conditioning, Fitness and Weight Control, and several other fitness and sport courses. Her college courses emphasize the pursuit of high quality of life through personal dedication, education, and personal enrichment.

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Sacramento, CA
(916) 812-2607

Sabina Blumauer

Sabina Blumauer lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is a professional biologist, devoted to exploring our connection with nature, its cycles, energy flows and ancient wisdom. She is also a swing and blues dance instructor, choreographer and performer who loves sharing her knowledge about movement.

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Sangeeta Sundaram

Sangeeta was on a quest for long-term relief from her debilitating back pain, which she suffered for nearly 16 years. She took a Foundation course with Esther Gokhale in the United States in 2012, which transformed her. It helped her get back to an active life and enhanced sense of well being.

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Mumbai, India

Sheelagh Tobin

Sheelagh has had a life-long interest in posture and gravitated toward history and anthropology at the University of Victoria where she completed her BA in History.  After a year travelling, she returned to Canada to complete the 3,000 hour Massage Therapy Programme in Victoria, BC.  At massage therapy college, she was taught how to assess posture but not taught how to help her patients correct it.  After years of patients returning with the same posture-related complaints, she discovered the Gokhale Method by chance and was immediately struck by its anthropological and histo

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Parksville, British Columbia, Canada