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2X Stretchsit Cushion Bundle

If you don’t want to find yourself sitting for long hours without a Stretchsit Cushion, this bundle may be for you. One for your car and one for work? One for the office and one for home? Choose according to your lifestyle. If you need a third one, we have a 3X cushion bundle.

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Price: $84.92

3X Stretchsit Cushion Bundle

Would you like to transform as much of your sitting time into a more comfortable and therapeutic activity? Some of our students find it useful to have Stretchsit cushions for their car seat, work chair, and home seating.

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Price: $119.88

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back (Pack of 8 books)

Buy four and get four free! Gift 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back to your family and friends, and foster healthy posture in your community.

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Price: $120.00

Book and Stretchsit Cushion Bundle

Jump-start your Gokhale Method journey with this valuable bundle. Stretchsitting, the very first technique described in 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back, is much easier and more effective to learn with the Stretchsit Cushion.

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Price: $67.92

Course Kit - Book, DVD, and Stretchsit Cushion

This is the perfect product kit to supplement the Foundations course or a self-study program. We recommended that you:

Price: $111.88

Starter Kit - Book and DVD Bundle

 Everything you need to begin learning the Gokhale Method.

  • Use the book as the primary reference and follow the order of the techniques described there
  • View the corresponding segments on the DVD. This helps bring the steps to life and make them easier to learn. This is especially useful for visual learners.

The other products we sell, though handy, can be improvised and are not essential. The book and the DVD are all you need to get started.

Price: $76.41

Stretchsit Cushion and DVD Bundle

Are you already an owner of 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back? Take the next step in deepening and implementing your newfound wisdom with this bundle.

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Price: $93.42