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Paul Parsons


In 1996, Paul opened Sportbodywork on Maui, in Hawaii. He had always specialized in giving people back their mobility and their lives. Over the years, Paul perfected and incorporated many techniques to help turn people’s lives around. Though his record in helping people was excellent, Paul kept searching for the perfect system to relieve his clients from pain.

When a client mentioned Esther Gokhale’s book 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back, Paul immediately researched it. Sensing that the Gokhale Method might work for even very severe cases, he called his Mom who had debilitating low back pain, pain radiating into the legs, and reduced mobility due to ruptured discs. They registered for a class and booked a flight to Palo Alto without delay. After seeing his mother’s results, Paul made the decision to become a Gokhale Method teacher and bring its benefits back home to Maui.
Kihei, HI

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