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Michelle Ball


Michelle lives in Tasmania, Australia. She has always had a passion for sports, running, keeping fit, and learning how to stay healthy and uninjured. Having taught dance aerobics and studied physiology and movement, she used what was considered the safest techniques available at the time. However, after discovering the Gokhale Method through "8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back," she realized there was a better way to position and move the body.  Incorporating primal posture and alignment makes all the difference to the way she views healthy movement and posture today.

Michelle is currently a massage therapist practicing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Reiki. These methods allow her to relieve physical pain and tension and free up blocked energy in her clients. However, for years there was a desire in her to give them more information towards improving the quality of their lives on a day-to-day basis.  She would recommend Esther’s book to the majority of her clients. Michelle’s drive to empower people to take control of their own pain management lead her to travel to California to gain her certification as a Gokhale Method Teacher. "There is no greater joy than working hands on with people and empowering them to become and remain pain-free for life." She is the first teacher to bring this amazing program to Australia. 

Michelle is available to teach in your city in AU or NZ. All you need is 6-8 people for a group class and Michelle will come to you. There may be others interested in your city/town so if you gather some friends and you let us know your intentions, we can help add to the numbers to make it happen for you in your area. Contact Michelle with any questions.
Tasmania, Australia

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