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Lori Szalay


Lori has been teaching and empowering people as a certified group fitness instructor/trainer/coach for 20+ years in the Atlanta area.  She holds a bachelor degree in Mass Communications from the University of West Georgia.   

After undergoing a lumbar fusion, Lori was in search for a solution to help manage her lower back pain so she could get back to her active lifestyle.  She was thrilled to discover the Gokhale Method from an NPR story and seeing Esther on Good Morning America.  After taking the Foundations Course and implementing the techniques she learned into her life, she noticed many positive changes with her body…no lower back pain, sleeping better, breathing better, being able to sit and get up without stiffness or pain, pain-free bending, more energy, walking better and faster, looking leaner/taller and overall feeling healthier!  

As a fitness trainer over the years Lori has worked with many people who suffer from chronic back, neck, shoulder, knee, foot and hip pain.  Through exercise many of her clients found relief but never got to the root of the problem; therefore, still suffered from their pain.  After discovering the Gokhale Method, Lori realized that implementing postural changes into your life can help eliminate pain and will lead to improvements to one’s overall state of being, both physically and mentally.

Lori is excited to be a teacher of the Gokhale Method in the Atlanta area.  She feels that everyone can experience benefits from making simple postural changes and is looking forward to helping and empowering people to live a healthy, happy and pain free life!

Atlanta, GA

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