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Dina Wittfoth


Dina chose to become a Gokhale Method teacher after experiencing the profound positive effects it had on how she moved and felt inside her own body. Her own journey towards a healthier posture began at the age of 3 when she chose Ballet as a means to keep her scoliosis in check. Despite a strong background in dance, yoga and fitness, she suffered from chronic back pain and foot pain for most of her adult life. During both her pregnancies a sciatic nerve impingement left her unable to walk on most evenings. Having come across the newly published German edition of ‘8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back’ she enrolled in the Gokhale Method Foundations Course four weeks before her second child was born. Ever since then, she is pain-free despite being back at her desk and working sedentary as a neuroscientist for many hours a day.

Dina is convinced that being able to physically guide students towards a healthier posture and pain-free life is an extraordinary opportunity to empower people on a multitude of levels. She continually enjoys how logical, intellectually compelling and physically pleasant it is to work with the Gokhale Method and is enthusiastic about passing this knowledge on to others.

Dina is offering continuing classes in Hannover where she is currently based. She also travels across Germany to offer intensive and semi-intensive classes at various other locations. For information regarding private classes in Hannover and other locations please directly contact Dina via phone or email.
Hannover, Germany

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