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Clare Chapman


Clare lives in central Bristol, England, and has been interested in causes and solutions to back pain since first experiencing it herself in her early twenties. Having practiced and taught therapeutic yoga for over sixteen years, she recognized the innate wisdom and logic of the Gokhale Method® when a student showed her a copy of '8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back. With a professional background in education, Clare particularly values the Gokhale Method as a practical, educational intervention that is learned and integrated with every day activity. Clare mostly teaches the Gokhale Method to small groups and individuals at her Bristol studio. Students travelling from further afield find a welcoming choice of comfortable and reasonably priced accommodation locally.

Clare has always valued the wide range of learning techniques packed into the Foundation Course, which includes hands-on guidance, exercises, visualisation, demonstrations, engaging photographic evidence - and humour! She particularly enjoys taking this work to organisations and into schools for both staff and pupils. 

Whatever our age, right from the start we learn about how best to use our bodies, and to replace the postural and cultural habits which commonly result in back pain and other problems. Clare loves seeing her students' increased confidence and the benefits they experience from this approach.
Bristol, United Kingdom
+44 07982 231317


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